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Websites for Engineers

  • Engineering 360
  • The Engineering Toolbox
  • eFunda
  • Engineering.com
  • Fun-Engineering

The Internet is a great source of information for engineers, with websites dedicating their content exclusively for engineers. This means that whether you are a novice engineer or an experienced one, the Internet is awash with content that will keep you up-to-date with the latest information and discoveries in the engineering world. In addition, it also harbors entertaining articles, reference material, online calculators for various calculations as well as forums where one can receive aid when facing problems; or simply interact with other engineers and pick each other's' brains. With that in mind, here is a list of five great websites for engineers:

1. Engineering 360

This is a site that hopes to give an all-rounded view of the engineering world. Engineers will find it worth their time with the engaging news bits and analyses. And if you're not sure of the materials to use in a project or you have no clue which suppliers to contact, you will get information on products and suppliers of the products from the site. The website has a standards library which is kept up-to-date, a reference library and a forum for engineers.

2. The Engineering Toolbox

As the name implies, the site contains virtually all the tools that an engineer needs in order to excel in the field. It is filled with resources, tools and basic information that is essential in engineering as well as the design of technical applications. With the help of their search feature, you can pretty much get any engineering information on the site. Owing to the extent at which the site owners go to stock the website with engineering information, they are a darling to students and engineers out to sharpen their skills.

3. eFunda

This website is a magnet to engineers and students as a result of the wide range of information that can be found here. Though it might not be as extensive as the Engineering Toolbox, coupled with its other features, it proves to be a go-to website for any engineer. In addition to its information, it also contains a magazines section for engineers who love to indulge in the latest news and publications in the engineering world. It also has a forum for interactions, online calculators and information on various materials, designs, units, processes and formulas.

4. Engineering.com

This is another must-visit site for any engineer. With the slogan ‘Inform.Inspire', it does a splendid job at just that. It contains the latest news in the industry including the latest discoveries in various fields. In addition, the numerous informative videos on the site ensure that there is engaging content for any person who visits the site. It also has a segment for various industries. Engineers looking to have a refreshing moment will interest themselves in the various games on the site. To cap it off, one can land a job on the site courtesy of its job section.

5. Fun-Engineering

Who said engineering is all about cold facts and information, which are in no way entertaining? Could engineering have a fun side to it? Well, Mr Jim Govern has gone all the way to prove that engineering can have a light side to it. He does this through the creative material he posts on this site including short stories, plays and thought-provoking content that will glean your mind. So if you are looking to have engineering facts presented from a different point of view, this website is ideal for you.

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The engineering world is characterized by innovations and discoveries every day. As such, one has to be dynamic if they are to excel in the field. With the help of those five great websites for engineers, this shouldn't be so hard.