5 Great Websites for Physical Therapists

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Websites for Physical Therapists

  • The Manual Therapist
  • World Confederation for Physical Therapy
  • SOL Physical Therapy
  • PhysioRoom
  • Student Assembly of the American Physical Therapy Association

If you're interested in the field of physical therapy, visiting different popular websites can give you a great idea of what the career will involve. If you've already established your career, these websites can also help you stay on top of industry trends and news.

1. The Manual Therapist

This website is in the style of a blog, documenting all the different aspects of physical therapy you could ever imagine. In addition to the blog post you can browse through videos, podcasts and research reviews. The website even offers seminars where you can improve your skills in the physical therapy world. These seminars range from rehab and sports science to starting your own practice. These seminars teach you important techniques that are specifically designed for faster rehabilitation.

2. World Confederation for Physical Therapy

This website is a complete listing of professional organizations, clinics and physical therapy providers. Right now there are over 106 organizations that are part of this site, which includes over 350,000 physical therapists around the world. These physical therapists typically have very useful information on their organization websites. This information can help someone interested in beginning a career in physical therapy. For those who have already established a career, the advice can help you become even more successful.

3. SOL Physical Therapy

This website offers techniques and advice for advanced physical therapy practice. They believe that their techniques provide the most effective care for their patients. If you are just considering a degree in this field, this website can give you a great overview of what you will learn in school. If you are already in the field, the website has plenty of up-to-date news and information on the industry. Not only does this site offer a great overview of physical therapy, it also takes a specialized look at sports medicine. The best part about this website is that it offers resources for those looking to learn even more.

4. PhysioRoom

Many physical therapists choose to work independently, instead of through an employer or company. In this case, you will need to get certain tools to do you job. This website goes over every tool you could ever use, and even gives a description for how it's used. For those that are considering a degree in physical therapy, this website will give you a great idea of the tools and techniques you will be learning. For those already in the field, you can even buy tools right from this website.

5. Student Assembly of the American Physical Therapy Association

This is a website specifically for students that are studying to become physical therapists. Their goal is to make the education and curriculum for the field even better. They also want to help current students excel in the field and become successful after graduation. If you are considering a degree in the field then you should check out this site.

This website has plenty of guides towards what type of education you should get, including common course curriculum. You can also look for jobs and internships that are available. If you want to stay up to date on the industry, there is a section of the website dedicated strictly to news and updates. If you feel passionately about the cause, you can even join the movement to help other students become successful in the field of physical therapy.

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If you're considering a degree in physical therapy, you can't go wrong with visiting these websites. Not only will you learn about what a career would look like in the field, you will also be guided through the process of earning a degree and starting your career.