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Websites for Teachers

  • Teachers.net
  • TeachersFirst
  • Edutopia
  • PBS LearningMedia
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff

The Internet has a lot of valuable resources for teachers. However, unless you literally live on the web, sometimes finding the best websites can be a challenging task. A simple search for the best resources for teachers on popular search engines, for instance, will yield thousands of videos, interactive labs, online simulations, teaching tips, and fun games for students, according to Forbes. To save you from the hassles of selecting the best resources, here is a list of 5 great websites that are recommended for teachers:

1. Teachers.net

Teachers.net boasts of a wide range of free resources and lesson plan templates, from preschool to high school and even beyond. The lesson plans are listed based on the subject area and grade level, which makes it seamless to find whatever you are looking for. There is also a chatboard where teachers can discuss the lesson plans and other teaching resources as well as swap vital help and ideas. This means that teachers are free to upload and share their lessons with others, helping to them grow and uplift one another.

2. TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst has a wide range of lessons, units, and other web resources that are tailored to deliver just what the teachers need in a user-friendly, practical and ads-free format. Designed by teachers for teachers, this great online community has garnered a huge international following and continue to offer professional resources to help both new and veteran teachers. All the resources on the website are not only thoroughly reviewed by professionals with relevant experience but are also developed in consultation with practising experts or by teachers themselves.

3. Edutopia

Edutopia is a reputed online community with a mission to increase knowledge adoption and sharing of elements that work well in K-12 education. The website's goal is to provide a powerful teaching and learning platform by documenting ways that such a goal is realized in some of the best schools globally. The website, therefore, focus on six major core strategies: integrated studies, comprehensive assessment, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, technology integration, teacher development and educational leadership. The resources on this website are valuable for teacher education faculties, graduates in various teacher education programs, and anybody who is interested in learning about innovations in the PK-12 education arena today.

4. PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is renowned for providing PK-12 educators with access to a plethora of digital content and development opportunities that are tailored to improve their effectiveness and students' achievement. The website is endowed with tens of thousands of free digital resources that are customized to Common Core standards. Available topics include arts, English language, science, professional development, social studies, and health. The resources range from audio clips and short videos to interactive lesson plans, and teachers can search for resources by standard, subject, and grade level. Besides its 80 member stations, the website has partnered with Jim Henson Company, National Archives, Library of Congress, and the Annerberg Media as their content contributors.

5. A to Z Teacher Stuff

A to Z Teacher Stuff is designed to help teachers find teaching resources online—more easily and quickly. Whether you want lesson plans, teaching tips, thematic units, emergent reader books, downloadable eBooks and teaching materials or printable worksheets and backlines, this website has it all. There are also discussion forums where teachers can share ideas on the best teaching practices and trends.

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By and large, there is wealth of resources online, which teachers can exploit to inform their practice. Bookmark the few highlighted and check them regularly. Next time you are scouting for an idea to use in your classroom, you will have numerous options at your fingertips.