5 Growing Careers in Sustainability

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5 Great Sustainability Careers

  • Atmospheric and Space Scientist
  • Environmental Attorney
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Lobbyist
  • Sustainability Officer

What are some of the best, growing careers in sustainability, or "green jobs" as they are often called? This job sector certainly is growing rapidly, and for those looking for some great opportunities, there are many to be had. The following are just five examples of this particular rapidly growing sector right now.

1. Atmospheric and Space Scientist

Our planet's atmosphere is one area of great interest today, as it is the Earth's shield against the unlivable and extreme conditions of space. Space, in the meantime, is also an incredibly important area of growing study, as it can help to answer questions of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial nature alike. For anyone interested in both of these areas of great horizons and importance, the career of an atmospheric and space scientist may be just the right fit. This professional essentially studies all things related to these areas and ultimately tries to find answers to planetary longevity and other concerns of the like.

2. Environmental Attorney

Today's environmental attorney is another example of a potentially high-reward career in sustainability. Environmental attorneys represent the interests of a clean and responsibly cared for Earth. In doing this, they also represent any number of clients lobbying for these particular goals in some shape or form.

Those wanting to work in this role can find opportunities in government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, non-profit organizations, and even businesses and private citizens themselves. In addition, there are many other related careers that work alongside this particular attorney and toward the exact same goals. These include paralegals, office managers, consultants, legal researchers, and others.

3. Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers use engineering practices to address environmental issues faced by any number of clients and in any number of situations and locations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Environmental engineers use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems. They are involved in efforts to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control." To gain entry, a bachelor's degree is the only core requirement one must have.

4. Lobbyist

Lobbyists are people who professionally lobby, or try to convince lawmakers and others of important position in society to commit to certain ideas, laws, and other actions the lobbyist is pushing for. Environmental lobbyists specifically work to convince lawmakers and others of policies and the like that would benefit the environment or even parties who may actively benefit the environment themselves. This environmental career may be found under a variety of names and job descriptions across the various industries.

5. Sustainability Officer

Finally, no list covering sustainability-based careers would be complete without mention of the sustainability officer. These special managers oversee certain aspects or even the entirety of the sustainability goal of many companies. Items of oversight might include proper disposal of company waste, recycling programs, water runoff management, eco-friendly processes and material sourcing, and more. These officers range in power held over other employees directly, but are all, nonetheless, quite important.

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Sustainability is something everyone is gradually getting onboard with. As this happens, the job choices involving sustainability and eco-consciousness will continue to grow in demand. The above-mentioned growing careers in sustainability are just a handful of examples of this vast job sector at present time.