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Five Popular Biology Careers

  • Research Technician
  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Biomedical Engineer

Biology is a broad field including anatomy, nutrition, ecology, genetics, and horticulture to name a few disciplines, and while it is largely research-driven, there are a variety of in-demand biology careers for both new graduates and experienced professionals. Some of these jobs are in a laboratory setting while other biologists work outdoors in the field, in corporate offices, or in classrooms. All of these positions require the same educational foundation, though, including an understanding of life on a cellular level, the ability to design experiments and analyze results, and the communication skills necessary to share these findings. Some popular biology jobs are as follows.

1. Research Technician

These biologists work in a lab running experiments and collecting data. Entry-level technicians work for a lead scientist and contribute to his or her projects, but eventually, techs can move up to leadership positions and do their own research. The specific education and practical skills necessary for these jobs depend on the particular area of biological research. For example, genetics labs utilize different protocols and instruments than histology and microbiology settings.

2. Clinical Project Manager

This position requires both an understanding of biological fundamentals as well as business and communication skills. These professionals primarily work for drug companies and medical device manufacturers. Once a new product or medication is preliminarily tested, the next step is a series of clinical trials to determine the efficacy as well as possible side effects of the medication or product. While these professionals follow protocols set by lead researchers and federal regulations, clinical project managers still need strong analytical skills to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

3. Conservation Scientist

Corporations, governments, and the general public are taking notice of the effects of human activity on earth's natural resources and climate which means that conservation science is another career in biology that is in high demand. Some of these professionals work in the field and run tests to determine contamination levels. Others help manage public lands, rebuild habitats, and monitor wildlife.

4. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

To effectively sell pharmaceuticals, it is helpful to have a scientific background, specifically involving the pathophysiology of common diseases and conditions. These professionals travel to hospitals and clinics to meet with physicians, share new research, and answer questions about their product. While not the typical job for a biologist, there is a high demand for these sales reps, especially with the advent of precision medicine and nanotechnology.

5. Biomedical Engineer

Combining engineering with a strong biology foundation, these professionals design products that use technology to treat medical conditions and prevent further illnesses. According to Forbes, biomedical engineering connects pure research to actual patients and cases. Some of their products are geared toward assisting medical professionals with diagnostics and procedures, while others are used directly by patients.

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Biologists in every field have a sense of curiosity for the natural world and a desire to understand the complexities of plants and animals. Since this field is essentially the study of life, it makes sense that there are many diverse in-demand careers in biology.