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Resources for MBA Students

  • GMAT Support
  • MBA Scholarships
  • Industry Insights
  • Work Connections
  • Community Support

Online MBA Degree ResourcesA Masters of Business Administration is a specialized degree. Students who pursue MBA degrees complete advanced coursework. Because of the demanding nature of this degree, it is essential to have the right support structure in place. One of the best ways to find that support is to look online. Therefore, MBA students should consider these five websites to help them during their studies.

1. GMAT Support

Before you can start an advanced business degree, you have to get into a school. The Graduate Management Admission Test is not specific to any business program, but it serves as an entry point for upper level programs. The GMAT assesses various academic skills such as writing, mathematics, reading and more. All schools will have a minimum score requirement, and a higher score can only improve your odds of being accepted. Fortunately, you can get plenty of support at the GMAT website. Not only does this website provide information about upcoming test dates, but it also has extensive test preparation materials.

2. MBA Scholarships

The cost of higher education is on the rise, and post-graduate studies are especially expensive. Many MBA programs carry high price tags, which is why more students than ever should look into scholarship opportunities. To start your search, try the website 101 MBA Scholarships. This website serves as a database, housing a wide variety of scholarships for business majors. It is possible to search by any number of criteria including date, location, type and more. The database is updated frequently, which is why this website is a must for MBA students.

3. Industry Insights

To stay ahead of your classmates, you need to continue your education outside the classroom. To do this, MBA Depot is a useful destination. This website offers detailed educational resources for MBA students. This includes scholarly articles, case studies and more. In addition to the latest developments in the business world, this website also provides extensive information about career opportunities. Prospective students can find helpful tips on the application process for business school, making this website a great spot to visit at any point in your MBA career.

4. Work Connections

A degree is only the first step in an ongoing business career. To transition into the workforce, MBA Focus is an excellent resource. As a leader in the business school market, MBA Focus works with employers and recruiters to match up the best students with the best opportunities after graduation. MBA Focus has a number of exclusive partnerships, which is why so many students rely on this matchmaking service for their business career goals. Students have to fill out a profile in order to use the service, but the effort is certainly worthwhile for serious MBA students.

5. Community Support

Although many business students have the drive to get ahead on their own, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help from your friends. Community support is a critical part of building any successful business venture, and it is wise for MBA students to start this networking early. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is a prime resource for this. The AACSB works with schools and businesses around the world to create new standards and best practices. Members can attend conferences, webinars and more, and the AACSB also produces an industry publication for ongoing learning. With a global network, students will have access to the best and brightest business minds around the world.

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MBA students have a lot of challenges ahead of them. By using these five online resources, these students can stay focused on their business goals.