5 Professional Organizations for Teachers

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Professional Organizations for Teachers

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Association of American Educators
  • National Education Association
  • Association for Middle Level Education
  • National Association for Gifted Children

There are countless professional organization for teachers. They range from local organizations with a small number of members drawn from a particular region to large ones characterized by a national appeal. Choosing one or more organizations will not only improve your interaction with other professionals in the education industry but also help you keep updated on the on-goings in your field.

Development of a teacher's career cannot be completed with a single event. One of the most important functions of teachers organizations is provision of support to members throughout their career growth. Thus, they are able to exploit their skills and knowledge for the benefit of both the students and the education institutions in which they work. In addition, they get the opportunity to explore their potential for maximum growth of their careers.

1. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

The ASCD brings together about 150,000 professionals in the teaching field. Unlike many other similar organizations, it has a global outlook since it is made up educators from all over the world. They include teachers and administrators as well as other professionals whose work is related to education.

Once you join the ASCD, you'll gain an opportunity to improve your teaching skills by getting access to workshops and conferences. You will also get frequent updates on any breakthroughs in the field of education through subscription to the organization's Educational Leadership magazine. This is in addition to joining ASCD's global network of professionals.

2. Association of American Educators

The main focus of AAE is professional development and advocacy for teachers. It prides itself in providing the best possible environment for both teaching and learning. In addition, it advocates for maximum involvement of parents, control of educational facilities by locals and production of excellent results in the education field.

There are several benefits of joining the AAE. They include access to legal defense and liability insurance. You may also get an opportunity to develop your career by benefiting from scholarships and grants offered to teachers by the organization. Moreover, you'll learn teaching techniques and read about issues of national policy as well as others that may be important to you as an educator by subscribing to Education Matters, the organizations newsletter.

3. National Education Association

With about 3.2 million members, NEA is one of the largest organizations in the educational field. Its members are drawn from every educational level in the teaching profession. Its main calling is ensuring that as many Americans as possible get access to quality education, while serving as an advocate for teachers all over the nation.

Every state in America has a separate division of NEA which allows for a local touch and enables teachers to deal with immediate issues affecting them. Once you join the organization, you will be entitled to legal representation and gain access to insurance. In addition, you may get scholarships and grants as well access to researched material that will enable you to handle any challenges in your place of work, according to Forbes. You can also take up online courses that are sure to be beneficial when handling such issues as early childhood education and bullying in schools.

4. Association for Middle Level Education

Among the more than 30,000 members of AMLE are teachers, principals, parents and leaders in the community. Its main responsibility is developing the careers of teachers working in middle schools. In addition, AMLE provides well-researched information to members with the aim of enhancing the learning process.

There is a lot to be gained by becoming a member of AMLE. By subscribing to the Middle School Journal, you'll get firsthand information on the results of recent research efforts as well as current trends in running of middle school educational establishments. There are also three other publications all aimed at keeping members informed on any arising issue concerning middle school education.

5. National Association for Gifted Children

In the course of your teaching career, you are sure to come across some exceptionally gifted students. However, it can be quite frustrating when you don't know what to do to develop their gifts and talents. Thankfully, there are organizations such as NAGC to help you out.

Apart from helping raise awareness about talented students, NAGC provides training to teachers who would like to take part in the development and support of students who require special attention. Once you join the organization, you will get access to the Gifted Children Quarterly, a journal that provides information on developing gifted children not only when they are in school but also in the home setting. In addition, you get a chance to meet and interact with your peers in conferences held by NAGC.

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Time and space does not allow for the mentioning of every group bringing teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector together. Out of the hundreds of them, the five named ones are some of the greatest. Remember that every professional organization for teachers has some benefits to its members and all you have to do is to consider your needs before making your choice.