5 Reasons You Should Pursue an Executive MBA

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Reason to Pursue Executive MBA

  • Jumpstart a Career
  • Better Networking
  • Earning Potential
  • More Flexible Program
  • Brands Professionalism

If you surveyed ten people who were EMBA graduates, you would probably be given several reasons you should pursue an Executive MBA. Some will cite money as their reason while others feel they received a better education than with a regular MBA. Another group might say they chose to pursue the EMBA because of work commitments. Executive Master of Business Administration programs are pursued for many reasons, but the one thing graduates have in common is that they're glad they got the degree because they've immensely enhanced their resumes and job potentials.

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1. Jumpstart a Career

Many individuals who have been working in business for several years feel that their work has become mundane and boring. Enrolling in the EMBA has a way of revitalizing a person's interest in business. It's an entirely new goal they can pursue, and it offers the opportunity to learn new things. A common regret of adults is that they didn't apply everything they had to their education when they were young. They often say, "if only I could go back to school and do it over again". The EMBA gives the individual a chance to start over and give their current career a real jump start. They expand on their current knowledge, learn new things and meet new people.

2. Better Networking

Students in college often say that few things are as much fun as being around others who share the same interests. EMBA students are able to network with a wide variety of people all sharing their love of business. They also are introduced to current and future elites of the business world. Whether a student's interest is in federal jobs, private banking or IT, the student will get to meet these different people. They'll have the opportunity to work alongside successful venture capitalists, potential entrepreneurs or candidates starting up their own business. Networking also gives the chance to learn all the latest news in the business world both in the classroom and outside.

3. Earning Potential

Increasing earning potential is usually the top reason why individuals choose to pursue the EMBA. PR Newswire reports that EMBA graduates, on average, earn wages 14.2 percent higher than prior to the degree. Most EMBA students are attending college and already working in the business world, which gives them another distinct advantage. Unlike other programs where the graduate typically has the degree but not the degree, EMBA graduates usually have both. This is a valuable commodity to potential employers.

4. More Flexible Program

What many EMBA students like about this particular business degree is its flexibility. The regular MBA is a full-time commitment that doesn't allow much time for work. The EMBA is designed as a part-time program that allows the student to continue working while learning. Many colleges also offer the EMBA online, which offers the student even more flexibility. U.S. News & World Report reports that even though EMBA programs may be listed as 100% online, many of them combine online learning with on-campus learning.

5. Brands Professionalism

Most business people have their own personal brand or are trying to get one. A brand will help identify the individual to potential employers and tell them what they're getting. An EMBA graduate has a brand that is highly recognized and respected in the business world. It gives the job applicant an edge over someone who doesn't have the degree or someone with an MBA and no experience. Even if a student has just enrolled, it brands the student as someone who is ready for more senior position or, at the very least, a promotion.

PR Newswire reports that there are more than 180 EMBA programs in the U.S, and the largest enrollment comes from those in the IT and healthcare industries. Both of these industries are expected to see excellent job growth between 2016 and 2026 as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These are just a couple more reasons a student may pursue an Executive MBA.