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Online Master's DegreeGetting a graduate degree can help students to further their career before they have even entered the workforce. For current employees, it offers a chance to improve a resume, learn new skills and attain better job titles. The following five degree options are some of the most popular for online students.

1. Education

Teachers are often paid according to their degree level. By getting an advanced degree in education, prospective teachers can boost their starting salary and improve their chances of getting a job. One of the most common degree options in this field is the Master of Education (M.Ed.). Offered in online and hybrid courses, these programs help teachers to learn more about their field. They can also choose to specialize in specific areas like post-secondary education administration, education management, counseling or special education.

2. Business Administration

To get ahead in the business world, students need a strong business history and educational background. An online business administration degree allows students to continue working while they pursue their degree. Business administration is the most popular online program, so there are many options for class formats and colleges. Students can take a weekend MBA program, an online accelerated MBA degree or a traditional MBA program. Each school designs their online courses to give students the experience and knowledge that they need to succeed as entrepreneurs.

3. Health Care Administration

Instead of just being a nurse or a administrative employee, individuals can take the next step by getting a master's degree in health care administration. Over the next decade, jobs for health care service managers are expected to increase by 23 percent. For students who begin in this field now, a degree in health care administration can open the door to new opportunities and professional advancement. In addition, students can also find MBA degrees that offer specializations in the health care industry. After graduation, students can work as a hospital manager or take on a leading role in their clinic.

4. Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

With the rise of employment levels in criminal justice, it makes sense that students would want to focus on this career field. From 2001 to 2010, these fields had the greatest percentage increase of students in any master's program. Students enjoy this field because of the ability to do something meaningful. It also offers regular promotions, high wages and a strong level of job security.

5. Master of Information Science

Considering the impact of technology on the modern world, it makes sense that a master's degree in information science would be extremely popular, according to Forbes. This degree field can teach students about information systems, enterprise-wide technology initiatives, management options, cloud network security, technology assessment and mobile communications. With a degree in this field, graduates can look for jobs as the director of IT security, chief information officer or IT manager.

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Online schooling has only become increasingly popular over the last decade. Ranging from homeland security to business administration, these master's degrees offer students a chance to get ahead in their career. Simple to sign up for, these online programs allow students a heightened level of convenience and flexibility as they pursue their educational goals.