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Online MBA Degrees

  • Full-Time Online MBA
  • Online Professional MBA
  • Online Executive MBA
  • Online Accelerated MBA
  • Part-Time Online MBA

In the past decade, the quality and stature of online MBA degrees have gone up exponentially. While in-class study remains the norm, online MBA programs offer a host of unique benefits. Not only can students get the same level of education for a lower cost, they can take classes at out-of-state universities without leaving the living room. More and more employers are recognizing the personal commitment and self-determination it takes to earn such a degree. If you're considering enrolling in an online MBA program, you may be making a list of potential schools. Before you start applying, however, it's important to consider what type of MBA degree would be the best fit for you. Read on to learn more about the top online MBA degrees.

Full-Time Online MBA

This type of MBA degree essentially replicates that of a traditional in-class program. Many reputable schools such as Temple University, Indiana University at Bloomington and North Carolina University at Chapel Hill offer two-year online degrees with technical support, access to digitized libraries, live tutoring and other benefits. In fact, U.S. News & World Report listed those schools as having the top online MBA programs in the nation. While full-time online MBA students have the advantage of taking classes at home, they will still have to put in plenty of study time. Those taking three to four classes a semester can expect to spend 20 hours a week studying in addition to listening to online lectures and completing coursework.

Online Professional MBA (PMBA)

Professional MBA degrees are designed for students who are already professionally employed in the business world. These part-time programs offer much more flexibility than a traditional full-time MBA. Students will be able to complete coursework on weekends or evenings, depending on the study mode of the class. Many online Professional MBA programs are accelerated and can be completed within 12 months.

Online Executive MBA (EMBA)

Much like a Professional MBA, the Executive MBA focuses on the needs of employed professionals. However, the Executive MBA is designed specifically for the academic aspirations of working executives and managers. The average Executive MBA student possesses about a decade more of working experience than a traditional MBA student. Since most Executive MBA students are currently working and striving to move up the corporate ladder, they are generally enrolled part-time and complete their studies within two years. In addition to holding a bachelor's degree and 3.0 GPA, individuals may have to take the GMAT to get accepted into a program.

Online Accelerated MBA

If you're looking to complete your business degree as soon as possible, consider enrolling into an online accelerated MBA program. This type of program allows students to take an intensified version of the full-time, two-year MBA. Since you would be graduating in about one year, you can expect more work crammed into a shorter period of time. Students will have a larger course load and shorter breaks in-between semesters. Due to the accelerated nature of the degree, students should have a flexible schedule and a high level of self-discipline.

Part-Time Online MBA

Individuals without the benefit of a flexible schedule will be most comfortable enrolling in an online MBA program designed for part-time students. This type of degree is often best for a working student who is looking to switch professions. Since a part-time program involves only one or two classes a semester, it may take closer to three years to graduate. Students can also expect higher tuition since the courses will be spread out over more semesters.

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As online MBA programs develop, so do the advantages for students. No longer does one have to be on campus to receive a high-quality education. If you want to enjoy a more accommodating learning experience, then enrolling in an online MBA program may be the best option for you.