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Many students who study for their Master of Arts in Liberal Studies are not always certain where their degree to take them– and that's okay! The flexible nature of most Liberal Studies graduate programs ensures that students can find a focused area of complex academics to succeed in.

Pursuing a Master's in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts is perfect for the undergraduate student who's interested in the interdisciplinary nature of discourse. Graduate programs in Liberal Studie and Arts typically allow for more flexibility in one's course of study than other graduate degrees. This is because Liberal Arts students can take courses best suited for their academic interests while learning the foundational pedagogy of formal education.

Upon graduation, students who earn their MA in Liberal Studies, or Liberal Arts, are prepared for careers as economists, sociologists, teachers, writers, and even social workers. Earning an MA in Liberal Studies can also prepare graduate students for doctoral programs in a more refined academic area, which could enable them to pursue teaching at a university later on. Amongst many other valuable skills, Liberal Studies graduates can look forward to having marketable skills, such as critical analysis, research methodology, communication, theory development, and creating an argument for a dissertation.

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#4 – University of Toledo

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Toledo, OH
University of Toledo - Top Affordable Online Master's Engineering

Alumni of Toledo University have praised the University's online program for how it enabled them to earn their degree remotely and stay employed while maintaining their course loads.

Toledo University offers an online Master of Arts in Liberal Studies focusing on the interdisciplinary aspects of the Liberal Arts field, and how each student can put their own scholarly objectives at the center of their education. It's not uncommon for students to begin their MA while feeling unsure of their long-term career trajectory, because many students decide their next course of study at a later date. Graduates have gone on to earn a doctoral degree, or later work in advertising, education, human resources, or writing and editing. Toledo's MALS consists of 33-semester credits, which are made up of core and elective work. MLS seminars are available, specifically in the realms of the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and the Visual and Performing Arts. Students are asked to complete up to six courses of electives and an MLS thesis. Prospective Toledo applicants are required to already possess a bachelor's degree with a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $13,429/$23,766

#3 – Kent State University

Master of Liberal Studies

Kent, OH

Applicants of Kent State's MLS graduate program are required to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a bachelor's degree from an accredited learning institution.

The Master of Liberal Studies at Kent State University encourages students to study a variety of disciplines, by allowing them to take courses from multiple different colleges at KSU. The Master's in Liberal Studies consists of two class requirements, which are the Methods and Approaches to Interdisciplinary Studies and the Liberal Studies Essay. The remaining 27 credits consist of electives. To fulfill these electives, students will complete a program of study document. This will be the layout from which they finish their degree: the student will come up with a theme, or title, for an individual course of study. While creating their program, students are asked to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of their learning experience and incorporate other academic disciplines as well.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $11,310/$20,396

#2 – Clayton State University

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Morrow, GA

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is CSU's first graduate degree program.

Clayton State University designed its Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program for alternative graduate students with a scholarly focus and passion. The diverse scope of prospective graduates includes recent graduates, professionals in the public and private sectors, current and prospective teachers, and even lawyers. CSU's 36-credit MALS is geared toward non-traditional students who believe other graduate programs are too restrictive in their admission requirements. The MALS degree focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of discourses and provides students with the ability to study a broad range of topics, including English, Math, Philosophy, and Political Science. Students at CSU complete courses throughout the day and can even complete their classes online.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $5,512/$13,507

#1 – Georgetown University

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Washington, D.C.

Classes in the MALS program are held on the main campus in Washington, D.C. Students may take advantage of this urban location to pursue internships, volunteering, or future career opportunities.

Georgetown University's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a 30-credit program dedicated to the interdisciplinary teaching of many subjects, such as art, literature, and religion. Students may enroll full or part-time, taking from two to five years to complete the program. The curriculum is focused on the analysis and interpretation of critical texts, and how this training can be used to develop research methods one can apply to many fields. Graduates of Georgetown are competitive candidates for a wide array of jobs, with marketable skills in critical interpretation, communication, and analysis. The MALS requires, either, a 30-credit thesis track or36-credit non-thesis track. All Georgetown students are asked to finish two foundational courses, one academic writing workshop, and an elective cluster best suited for an individual's academic focus area. Focus areas have historically involved Ethics, European Studies, Literature, and Social and Public Policy.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $47,880